In 2021 Roelof van Laar decided to start the Children’s Rights Challenge Foundation. Currently, the foundation is in the process of being established legally.

The aim of the foundation is to realize children’s rights worldwide.

The foundation aims to achieve this by:
– standing up for children whose rights are being violated
– providing direct income support to children
– advocating universal basic income, child benefits and other measures to reduce child poverty
– providing information about children’s rights
– and all other activities that contribute to the goal

The board members of the foundation are Roelof van Laar (President), Mourhrna Reddy (Vice-President) and Alexandra Klonarides (Secretary/Treasurer). All three have law degrees and combined they have extensive experience in (project) management, PR and strategic litigation.

The Children’s Rights Challenge Foundation’s first project will be the establishment of a CSE Strategic Litigation Fund for organisations fighting against the sexual exploitation of children and for survivors of such exploitation. It will enable the initiation and/or continuation of public
interest litigation and strategic litigation cases that fight against impunity and establish a precedent. The fund is made possible with financial support from Free a Girl (100%). If you have any questions regarding the fund, please contact

Contact details
Children’s Rights Challenge Foundation
Parklaan 88
2132 BP Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 646877416

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