For Every Children’s Rights Challenge

Children’s Rights Challenge, a social enterprise, exists because many companies, governments, funds and organisations struggle with children’s rights challenges. Often the necessary time, experience, capacity and/or knowledge to meet these challenges head on, are missing. Any challenge is welcome. Together, we can find a solution.

Children’s Rights Challen helps companies to become child labour free, lobbyists with strategies that maximize impact, foundations to manage their projects and any other organisation with any kind of challenge. Send it to us and we will find the way forward.

The founder of Children’s Rights Challenge, Roelof van Laar, is a purpose driven leader for children’s rights. His experience in non-profit organisations, business and politics positions him uniquely to achieve results. See the page on our founder for more information.

photo: Hans van Egdom

New initiative: a foundation

Since starting Children’s Rights Challenge, it was the ambition to also start a foundation. The logo for the foundation was designed in 2017 already. For various reasons, the foundation never came about. Children’s Rights Challenge did support various charitable causes. We paid for the education of a deaf girl in Uganda, donated to children’s hospitals in Kenya and Indonesia and supported other initiatives.

Now it is time to put the old plan into action. With the support of Free a Girl, we can start a strategic litigation fund against child sexual exploitation. We have researched the establishment of this fund in the past year, have already decided to fund the first two cases and now know there is plenty of need for a fund like this.

So, in 2022, the Children’s Rights Challenge Foundation will be legally established. More information is already available on the page titled foundation.


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